Mission and Vision Statements

The University of Pittsburgh Art Gallery is an open, flexible, and immersive laboratory for studying and displaying how art and visual objects generate knowledge and understanding of the world. Exhibitions and lectures from across multiple disciplines, student and faculty art shows, and museum studies courses foreground the Gallery as a showcase of innovative research, creativity, and experiential learning that involves and engages the entire academic community and general public.

The University Art Gallery is committed to playing a more active role in the life of the university as a whole and the broader community. While it will continue to engage the talents of students and faculty in architectural studies, studio arts, and history of art, the Gallery will also:

  • develop exhibitions that draw widely on research expertise in the arts and sciences and professional schools, in order to explore more fully and broadly the place of the visual in humanistic, scientific, and technical inquiry today;
  • use its permanent collection and temporary exhibitions to design pedagogical projects in conjunction with departments and curricula from across the university;
  • partner with local museums and arts institutions to expand the collections the Gallery can draw upon and to create new networks for experiential learning and research;
  • provide a highly visible showcase space for the intellectual and creative work of the university, aimed at the local community, the region, and beyond.