Stories Untold: Where Mental Health Meets Creative Expression

Exhibition Dates
February 12 - March 4 2016
Exhibition Location
University Art Gallery, Frick Fine Arts Building, University of Pittsburgh
Stories Untold create a socially engaging and humanistic art experience and gives viewers insight on students' mental health.

Stories Untold is a multimedia mental health art exhibition that aims to promote understanding of the student experience with stress, mental illness and perspectives on mental health advocacy. Thanks to overwhelming support in 2015, we are continuing with new pieces.

The Spring 2016 Stories Untold exhibit features over 50 works from students across Pitt's campus and the Pittsburgh area. Have shared their personal experiences with you. Submissions include student experiences with stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses. This socially engaging art experience aims to create a more inclusive and open campus and community, especially regarding matters of mental and emotional wellness.